How to Get a Safe Drink

Author:  Gaurab Devkota


I been asking from my friends and family since long tense, ‘is it okay for health to drink alcohol?”

“No, Just smell its flavor, feel its taste and enjoy your Drink” I usually reply with some swirl sentence.

Historically, alcoholic beverages have served as sources of needed nutrients. They have been widely used for their medicinal, antiseptic, and analgesic properties. The role of such beverages as thirst quenchers is obvious. They also play an important role in enhancing the enjoyment of life. They can be a social lubricant, facilitate relaxation, can provide pharmacological pleasure, and increase the pleasure of eating. It sounds like a mixed message:  Drinking alcohol may offer some health benefits, especially for our heart. On the other hand, too much alcohol may increase your risk of health problems and damage your heart. I’m sure now, I put you in more confusion right? But don’t worry, I’m working as a research scientist in this field since long years and would take you at the final conclusion.

There are varieties of alcoholic drinks available in the world market and among them, Beer is most consumed non-distilled alcoholic beverages followed by wine. In the case of distilled one? Obviously, Vodka followed by whiskey and rum. And the fact is the “alcohol” in alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, and spirits is actually ethanol, or ethyl alcohol. It’s the only type of alcohol that you can drink without causing serious damage to your body. For this reason, consumers must know about impurities content over their drink, but how? Higher alcohol, Esters, Aldehyde, ketone, Phenolic compound and organic acids are highly possible impurities may found in alcoholic beverages. All of them can cause serious health injury and have pleasant, and non-acceptable smell along with bad mouthfeel. For example, Organic acid gives you the sourest note; you might have felt on beer and wine, Aldehydes and ketones are known for their sweet and sometimes pungent odors. Have you ever smelled nail polish? That is a sweet odor from ketones. Try to find out this smell in home-made alcohol.

Now it’s time for health role,

Alcohol has different health consequences for men and women. Long-term drinking is more likely to have negative health effects for women compared to men, even if the woman drinks less for a shorter period of time. Ethanol basically reduces communication between brain cells, a short-term effect responsible for many of the symptoms of being drunk. Alcoholic beverages can cause liver cells to die and get replaced with scar tissue, leading to a serious condition called cirrhosis. Alcohol consumption is a risk factor for cancers of the mouth, throat, colon, breast, Stomach, and liver. Impurities have much more serious health risk factor as compared to pure ethanol. For example, Aldehydes and ketones are carcinogenic, Methanol can cause death. Exposure to methanol can cause visual problems and lead to blindness. Some people become addicted to the effects of alcohol, a condition called alcohol dependence (alcoholism). Along with these risk, alcoholism might leads you towards sexual hormone deficient.

Alcohol is actually the second most energy-rich nutrient after fat, providing about 7 calories per gram. Beer contains a similar amount of calories. Moderate drinking is linked to reduced weight gain, whereas heavy drinking is linked to increased weight gain. Drinking beer regularly may cause weight gain, whereas wine consumption may reduce it. Red wine appears to be particularly beneficial because it is very high in healthy antioxidants. Moderate amounts of alcohol raise levels of high-density lipoprotein and are associated with greater protection against heart disease. Some researchers have found that moderate alcohol consumption led to a decrease in common cold cases for nonsmokers. Results of a Dutch study showed that healthy adults who drink one to two glasses per day have a decreased chance of developing type-2 diabetes, in comparison to those who don’t drink at all.

If you enjoy alcohol and you can keep it moderate, then, by all means, continue to do what you are doing. If you tend to drink excessively, or alcohol causes problems in your life, then consider avoiding it as much as possible. If you are pregnant women, child, and people having liver diseases, don’t even smell it. Know your limit, take a glass of whiskey with ice cubes, and enjoy the situation, and please never repeat this moment for at least one weak.


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