Alliance for Independent Madhesh Activist Died in Custody


Ram Manohar Yadav, an activist for the Alliance for Independent Madhesh, died on Friday, August 31, while in the custody of the District Police Office, Bardiya.

Police stated that he was being transported to Kathmandu for treatment at the time when he died en route to the city.

Mr Yadav had complained of immobility in his arms and legs on Wednesday, August 29, and was committed to a district hospital in Gularia, but shortly thereafter was transferred for further treatment at Bheri Zonal Hospital, located in Nepal Ganj.

Mr Yadav was arrested on August 23 while he was attending a program for the district coordinating committee in Bardiya, which was also attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Health Minister, Upendra Yadav.  He was suddenly arrested, along with three other Madheshi men, Harpaal Singh, Irfan Sekh, and Raajit Ram Varma, and accused promoting secessionist propaganda and conspiring against the Nepalese government.

Mr Yadav has two sons and a daughter, but there is no information at this time when his body will be released to his family.

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