The best way to make your dream come true is to wake up






Sailesh chaudhary

“I am not here to compete I am here to win and I will win”, keep this attitude everywhere you will not only survive you will thrive. Don’t compete with others, compete with yourself. Try to be better than yesterday. Try to achieve more than yesterday. Don’t be satisfied with what you are or what you have. Keep asking for more, keep trying for more. Everything is possible if you are willing to try hard. So keep dreaming, keep expecting, keep trying. Chase your dream, Chase your goal. Always say to yourself each morning that you are the best, you are achievable, be thankful what you have or what you can have. Keep praying, keep laughing, and keep living. Don’t tell people what you are going to do next, just show them result.

If you are born than you have to work in order to live. There is no such thing as a free lunch. No one is going to take care of you if you are not willing to take care of yourself. Even your own shadow leaves you in darkness. So if you want to do something with your life than aim for something big and work blood, sweat and tears to achieve what you aspired all your life. Lion who is known as the king of jungle has to hunt for himself in order to feed. So be ready to hunt yourself in this world of jungle. Be ready to burn like gold before it shines. If you have decided to go extra miles make sure you are wearing right shoes. Life is not fair get used to it. Its people nature to overshadow others to get their self in limelight so be ready to battle with such people because you are going to find lot of them in your way. Along the way you will find lot of hurdles but the blocks will only be there to make your journey more memorable.

Feed your mind with positive thought everyday. Surround yourself with positive people. Don’t listen to naysayers. Be selective at what you watch or what you read. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t achieve what you desired. Always remember you are not only one who failed, the numbers are more than you imagine. Be better version of yourself. Know what you are good at and excel at it. Don’t worry if someone laugh at you because they are the ones who will appreciate you, It’s just matter of time. Wait for table to turn in your favour. Share your achievement; share your happiness with others. Spread love, spread laughter.

Do everything on your own. Don’t be dependent on anyone. If you make mistake, you will learn something. If you get right, you will gain confidence which will help you to make many more decision in future. Everything seems difficult unless you don’t do it. Every goal is dream unless you don’t achieve it.

People don’t respect you; they respect your power, position and financial status. So don’t leave any stone unturned to be a winner. Opportunity never comes, it is always there, and you should know how to make use of it. All your acquired knowledge is useless if you don’t implement it to reap the benefit.

We are born with only one life so whatever dream and desire you have inside your heart that you always wanted to do it, do it. It’s ok to make everyone happy but sometimes live for yourself also. Always remember that we are not born here to get certificate from others. It’s ok if some people don’t like us, don’t even try to impress them. Live for them who like you. Live your dream, live your passion. Don’t be discouraged if you failed once or twice. You are not failed as a person, it’s only your method failed, you can again get back. Don’t live as crowd. Set yourself apart from crowd and make name for yourself. Do things that you like to do. Stop complaining starts living.

All we have now is this moment so it is Up to you how to make best use of it. Either you can live this moment fully and totally or you can postpone with a hope to live next moment which is uncertain and unpredictable. Who knows what next moment will bring to us. So let’s make memories for old age.

One night one drunkard on the way to his home found sackful of stones because he had nothing to do he started throwing stones into the river. One by one he threw all stones except last one when suddenly sun rose and he found stone to be diamond. The sack was full of diamonds, he had only one left. He was world richest at one moment and beggar next moment. The moral of this story is you are potential human being, you have abundant knowledge and with this knowledge you are capable to rule this world but because you are in darkness same like drunkard of this story, you don’t know how to use your knowledge to get utmost result due to which despite being what you have you don’t achieve what you desire. So don’t wait for light to come or it’s too late. Use your potential and set example.

There was a farmer living somewhere in some corner of this world. He was happy, content and satisfied with what he had. He used to farm, grow vegetables and used to sell to earn for his living. He was living very good life. He was married and was blessed with two beautiful kids. Everything was going alright until one day a person from distant village came and told him that far away from this village there is a place where there are lots of diamonds buried deep down inside land and if he could get those diamonds he will be richer and can lead very luxurious life. He convinced him so well that he left his family and went to search for that land. He sold his land and after searching for years and many years he found it nowhere and found nothing now he had nothing left with him except his poverty and one day he and his family died. Later it was found the land which he sold had many diamonds buried inside in his own land. The moral of this story is we seek what we already have so stop seeking outside and see what you have got inside. We spend our whole life complaining and later regretting it so be happy with what you have ,if you are bound to get something you will get it anyhow.



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