China’s Plan to Demolish Mosque Halted by Hundreds of Protesters

The rising post,KTM

10th  August

China’s plans to demolish the newly built Weizhou Grand Mosque in the Ningxia region of Beijing has been halted as hundreds of Hui Muslims have staged a sit-in. This takes place during the government’s effort to crackdown on “Islamisation” and “Arabisation” in the country.
Twenty-three million Muslims currently live in China, and Islam has been particularly prominent in the Ningxia region.
Chinese officials claim that the building had not been given proper permits, but this comes at a time when the Chinese government seeks to sinicise religion in the country, meaning they want to make it seem more Chinese in nature.

Previous Mosques built in the country have been architecturally more Chinese in style. The Weizhou Grand Mosque, with its beautiful minarets and domes, has a uniquely Middle Eastern design, and is therefore viewed by the local government as an example of “Arabisation”.
This hasn’t stopped hundreds of Hui Muslims from gathering from noon until late last night in the square outside the Mosque, resulting in a standoff between demonstrators and the Chinese government. Some are saying that this is the largest conflict in the government’s campaign to sinicise religion.

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